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Our operations manager also oversees Quality Control, however his job is not about just wandering around making sure staff are doing a good job and pulling them up if something doesn't look good, it starts a long way before then.

STEM operates a drug free working environment and also fully screens each employee prior to considering them from employment. Experience and knowledge of the work that they are going to be involved in is very important, but we consider it just as important to gauge their dedication and how they would interact with our clients. Our interview process puts all of this fully to the test and only the best are taken on. 

We also pay well. The Horticulture industry for example is notorious for paying close to the minimum wage for 2015 is a ridiculous $8.05 an hour. Even our most junior members of staff are paid $12 an hour and our technicians are paid substantially more than this this. By respecting the people that work for us and giving them a fair living wage, we get the loyalty we need to maintain our standards. All our staff are proud and conscientious of the work they do and will never leave a job until they are 100% satisfied. 

Although our technicians work independently once they leave our warehouse, they are never alone and our back up team ensure that they have everything they need to deliver top results every day. 

You may have seen our sign written vans around the town and our uniformed staff, all of this creates a proud feeling for anyone working for STEM and quality is their word as much as it our managers.



Yes our operations manager does visit our accounts regularly to make sure that everything is as it should be, but this is the part of the job he likes, as the hard work has already been done, most of these days are spent enjoying thanks and praise from our clients.

However, on the odd occasion that things do not go perfectly, we are ready to react quickly and concentrate on resolving the issue before we worry about how it was caused. Only after our client is happy, do we look at the problem that occurred and use the event as a learning experience to ensure it never happens again. 


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