Simply Think Environment Management

'The Boutique Gardener'

  A more personal landscaping service 


A general landscaping company has teams of 5 - 6 often minimum wage individuals who are trained to do certain basic tasks such as mowing or trimming. The business model requires them to get in and out of an account as quickly as possible and nobody takes ownership of quality.


 We allocate anything from one to three technicians to an account, one of them always being fully experienced and in an on site management position, they arrive on a set day each week, for a set period of time from one hour to a whole day ( depending on the size of the account ) armed with every tool required to fully maintain your garden. The account is managed ( owned ) by the same manager each week who is responsible and accountable for quality.


In addition to set weekly maintenance works to keep everything in order we also allocate time for improvements or the planting of annual borders or other specific  additions that you may desire and we do not produce 'cookie cutter' gardens.


Although in most cases we area often less expensive than other companies, we pay our gardeners more than twice the minimum wage as we only employ individuals who treat this as a career not just a short term gap job.



Our younger members of staff attend college courses, some on a one day release a week, others on evening classes to ensure that as a company we are always increasing our knowledge but also keeping up to date on new  design ideas and operating skills.


The major difference between how we operate and how many of our competitors operate is that our gardeners walk away with pride each week.







Simon Brooker
Ph: 239 455 5513
1430 Rail Head Blvd #107
Naples, FL 34110 US
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