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Interior Planters

Design, Installation & Maintenance of planters and foliage displays for business premises and residential homes


 Foliage Design Systems of Naples has been established for over 30 years and already supplies and maintains hundreds of business premises and residential homes from Marco Island through to Fort Myers. We are able to either offer designs for your consideration or work with your own designers to produce stunning displays.

Live plants offer a number of benefits to an environment over and above the obvious aesthetic appearance ranging from air purification to sound barriers. It is a proven fact in businesses environments that workers perform better in a pleasing a more relaxed atmosphere which plants create.


Guaranteed plant replacement. Once plants have been purchased Foliage Design systems provide an ongoing maintenance program with a guaranteed plant replacement program which means, even our clients who we have had for decades have only paid for interior plants for their home or business premises once. This does not apply to blooming plants such as orchids or bromeliads which are charged when they are replaced.


Purchase, Lease or Rent. The initial cost of the planters and the plants is the expensive part and some businesses find it difficult to incorporate a high capital outlay in their annual budget. Foliage Design Systems are able to offer leasing options keeping the costs to a simple monthly payment.


See what we can do for you. To see what we can see for you we recommend you see what we do for others by looking at our photo gallery.


Who are our clients. We cannot disclose our residential clients locations for obvious reasons, however our current business portfolio includes :

 Shopping malls - Restaurants - Doctors surgeries - Hospitals

Banks - Condominium lobbies - Club houses

Office lobbies - Individual offices - Gyms - Sports centers

Schools - Colleges - Hotels - Retirement facilities - Show homes


 What does it cost. Talk to us now to obtain a quotation for your home or business



















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